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If you find any bugs with a game or want to send feedback contact R1niscoll@gmail.com because i wont respond to you if not.Im busy making animations so it will take some time
im also working on a mortal kombat game with medals!! 5 games in fact

rin Solokovia @PICOawesomeEXPLOSION


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Posted by PICOawesomeEXPLOSION - 10 days ago

One night at mason's just released tonight and for those who play i will be creating a guide on how to get rid of all animatronics because night one is hell!

thanks for the support and if you hate the game still rate it! im desperate


Posted by PICOawesomeEXPLOSION - November 25th, 2021

So rocket league legacy (newgrounds version) is gonna be taken down soon because of a glitch which i or any other staff members could not fix.So thank you for playing and the scratch version still works and is gonna be up unless something goes wrong so you can play it here https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/546990394

120 fps version


Posted by PICOawesomeEXPLOSION - November 15th, 2021

iu_473268_8685834.pngso yeah this sounds fucked up and it sounds like im on drugs but im working on game which i have not yet titled so i called it turtle titties or UPG (untitled **** game) so yeah

Posted by PICOawesomeEXPLOSION - October 31st, 2021

IM SUPER SORRY!! counter strike 1.6 multiplayer is having issues and as a apology im working on a Counter Strike Source game,It will be much smoother and it will run faster.You may be wondering why Counter Strike 1.6 Multiplayer is rated Adult.Well i placed nudity in some corners probably over like 10 but they are small.Still a player can notice them so i just smacked that fat A on it.Thanks for reading!

Posted by PICOawesomeEXPLOSION - October 2nd, 2021

The long wait is finally over. Madness: Project Nexus is now available on Steam. I'm not sure what to say. I feel like I"m at an immense lose for words. This whole thing, front to back, it's been overwhelming, multifaced, and nearly endless.... it's been a long, exhausting, educational, infuriating and incredible journey, but we're here. We have something to show for it. From the Gibbing Tree to you, we hope you love it.

Also; the judgement of Madness Day 2021 entries is going to be an arduous process. I did my best to get a count and we got something like 158 movies, 1,003 illustrations, and 108 songs. I mean look at this....

Posted by PICOawesomeEXPLOSION - September 4th, 2021

HAS IT BEEN A YEAR ALREADY?! We got Madness Day 2021 coming up in one slim month, lads. This year marks the fifteenth Madness Day on Newgrounds.com. The community has kept this series alive with nothing less than incredible support and mind blowing fan artwork/animation/contributions, which makes every Madness Day something of a massive spectacle. We're doing the prize pool thing again this year, so we'll have something to hand out to the top submissions in the categories of Animation, Artwork, and Music. Last year's Prize Pool generated an absolutely insane $1816.90.

So I copied and pasted Krinkels latest post about Madness Day 2021 but I wanted to add one or two things. I've also contributed some cash to the prize pool and so have a lot of you! I don't have the exact numbers but it is well above the generous $200 initial contribution from Krinkels, so these numbers are already out dated. But I'm keeping them since they are a good reference point.

SiN2 is coming this Madness day too! The submissions for this album are mind blowing and a worthy successor to the original SiN album from last year. The entire album will be free to listen and free to use, just like last year's.

And I want to give a quick shout out to RyuuAkito for hosting and overseeing every aspect of this project. He is absolutely incredible.

Ok, back to the original post from Krinkels continued below...


No admin costs, 100% of the cash collected winds up in the pockets of the MD2021 winners. We're counting all submissions posted sept 22 with the tag "Madness Day 2021"

I've tossed in the starter cash, just to get the ball rolling on this. So we're sittin' on 200 dollars out the gate. The pool will grow, and when it does we will add placements and increase prize amounts. As it stands at this amount, the prizes are as follows;

TOTAL: $200


1st - $40

2nd - $30

3rd - $20


1st - $30

2nd - $20

3rd - $10


1st - $25

2nd - $15

3rd - $10

Just to have more on the pile, I'll be chipping in ten bucks from every Etsy Sale I make this month.

Posted by PICOawesomeEXPLOSION - August 22nd, 2021

MK2 is still in the works! i have been recently inactive due to school! fuck that shit right? but anyways im making a comeback soon keep a eye on my work

Posted by PICOawesomeEXPLOSION - June 4th, 2021

i go brrrrrrrrrr on a friday evening

Posted by PICOawesomeEXPLOSION - May 25th, 2021


after watching eddsworld for like 7 years of my life i decided today IM GOING TO CREATE A FUCKING ANIMATION WJDFKJHWFKJHSHF its going to take so fucking long i mean like a week or so but i will have it out as soon as i can


Posted by PICOawesomeEXPLOSION - May 2nd, 2021

thank u all i created a animation i will share soon!!!

again thanks!!